Pregnancy Foot Care

According to The Society of Chiropodists & Podiatrists, half of pregnant women feel under pressure to keep up with celebrity trends, and a third risk their foot health by wearing high heels, or footwear that lacks adequate support, during pregnancy.  Emma Supple, respected Podiatrist and foot specialist and CCS, encourage expectant mothers to look after themselves and care for their feet during those important nine months. 

“As a mother of three children myself, I have lived this scenario and am well aware of the difficulties of foot care whilst pregnant,” Emma Supple, Podiatrist & Foot Specialist.

 Emma Supple’s expert advice on foot care during pregnancy: 

Be ‘shoe savvy’: “You can at least still fit into your shoes, but do remember that feet swell during pregnancy partly due to the increased weight gain but also due to the release of the hormone Relaxin which is in preparation for delivery day. This relaxes the ligaments in the feet, so wider fitting or at least half a size bigger shoes are very useful.”

Cool things down: “If feet become hot then steep them in iced water; water with a few floating ice cubes is the perfect temperature.”

Care and moisturise: “Daily application of CCS Foot Care Cream to nourish and moisturise the skin will help avoid callus formation and painful rough areas of hard skin build up.”

Selecting your heels: “Wearing wedge-style shoes rather than stilettos helps spread the increased load and forms a more stable base for walking. Espadrilles in the summer are useful as they have a stable base but still look stylish. And in winter time go for heeled boots to protect the feet from any strain.”

Get some help: “The real trick is to get someone to look after your feet for you! Especially as it becomes increasingly difficult to reach your feet and breathe while bending down as the pregnancy progresses.”

Reflexology: “Consider the complementary therapies such as reflexology during pregnancy which can be enormously beneficial in relaxing and helping to alleviate fluid build up.”


Where to buy

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