Cracked Heels

Cracked heels are a fairly common condition, experienced more usually in the summer. While not always problematic in themselves they can be painful and lead to more serious problems if not treated early on.

Our heels are the first part of our foot to make contact with the ground when we walk. As a result of this they can build up resilience to the pressure put on them and this may result in a build up of hard or thick skin. Thick skin does not absorb moisture easily and is therefore more prone to dryness and if left untreated the skin may crack. In summer the problem can be made worse by warm weather and shoes which leave feet more exposed and more likely to dry out.

Skin on the foot is thicker than skin elsewhere on the body and for this reason a normal body moisturiser won’t do the job of repairing cracked heels. Use a specific foot moisturiser such as CCS Heel Balm which is clinically proven to effectively control the most severe cases of rough, dry skin and cracked heels. It works in seven days and contains 25% Urea to help repair and relieve, leaving skin soft and supple.


Where to buy

CCS Heel Balm has been used and recommended by Chiropodists and Podiatrists for many years and can now be bought in Boots, Superdrug and all local pharmacies.

If your local pharmacy does not stock it your pharmacist can use the following code to order the product for you.

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