About CCS


CCS is a Swedish company that specialise in skincare products. They are based in Borlange about 2 hours north of Stockholm. The large team on site is comprised of everything from sales, marketing, research specialists to manufacturing and logistics.

Lornamead UK Ltd.

The Swedish team works closely with Lornamead in the UK, which is responsible for the development and distribution of the CCS footcare brand in the UK. A team of sales and marketing professionals are based in the UK, co-ordinating closely with the R&D team in Sweden to develop the brand.

Lornamead and CCS are constantly working to improve and develop the CCS range, by reviewing formulations to see where improvements can be made and by working on new products for both the professional and consumer sectors.

Your Feedback is Important To Us

Both CCS in Sweden and Lornamead in the UK are focused on producing products which are efficacious and meet the needs of professionals and consumers alike. If you have any comments on our products or have any suggestions on how we can improve them we would be grateful to hear from you. Please use the contact us, section of this site.